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"The Needle's Secret" unveils a revolutionary perspective on the intersection of modern medicine and modern-day diseases, challenging long-held beliefs with the rigor of the scientific method. At the heart of this compelling narrative lies the Bolus Theory, a groundbreaking hypothesis suggesting that a significant number of contemporary ailments, including some of the most perplexing and widespread health issues of our time, can be traced back to the inadvertent intravenous injection of vaccines and other substances. This theory redefines our understanding of disease causation and casts a new light on the potential risks associated with routine medical practices that have been accepted without question for generations.

As the book meticulously unfolds, it reveals how the accidental injection of vaccines directly into the bloodstream, bypassing natural defense mechanisms, can lead to widespread endothelial damage, initiating a cascade of health problems that mirror the epidemics of modern-day illnesses. From cardiovascular diseases to neurodegenerative disorders, the Bolus Theory provides a unifying framework that can explain the rise in conditions that have, until now, baffled the medical community.

But "The Needle's Secret" goes beyond diagnosing the problems; it offers a beacon of hope through the promising potential of stem cell-stimulating oxygen therapy. This innovative approach, grounded in years of research and supported by compelling evidence, suggests that activating the body's innate healing mechanisms could offer a path to managing and potentially reversing the damage caused by these unintended intravenous interventions. It's a testament to the book's forward-thinking and solution-oriented approach, advocating for a paradigm shift in how we understand and treat illness.

Through engaging narratives, personal anecdotes, and rigorous scientific analysis, "The Needle's Secret" invites readers on a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and empowerment. It challenges us to question what we've been told, to reconsider the safety and efficacy of our most basic medical practices, and to embrace the possibilities of a future where diseases are no longer viewed as inevitable or incurable. For anyone invested in the pursuit of health, the safety of medical practices, or the power of scientific inquiry to challenge and change our world, "The Needle's Secret" is an essential read. It's not just a book; it's a movement toward a healthier, more informed, and hopeful future.


Marc's bolus mechanism for vaccine harm should be extensively researched in national and university laboratories. It should be seriously considered as a potential systematic public health risk.
Pr. Denis Rancourt

Marc has put together a coherent explanation of vaccine harms caused by bolus injections. This is an impressive body of work.
Dr. John Campbell

Still the best explainer out there
Nick Hudson, Founder of Panda
Marc is really smart and consistently thinks out of the box. He is a hard-working and powerful critical thinker who applies the scientific method rigorously. I was impressed by his capacity to decipher and solve complex problems, notably in the field of biology and medicine where he does not hold a diploma. Marc constantly bridges multiple disciplines and combines systemic thinking, his experience of industries, mathematics and immunological knowledge in surprisingly effective ways. I am very appreciative of Marc’s work and am so happy to have met him and be able to enjoy his many insights.
Pr. Michael Levitt, Nobel Prize winner

A theory from a friend who is not a scientist. It's about the need for transdisciplinarity but it's just brilliant and that is Marc Girardot who proposed this idea of the Bolus Theory saying but ultimately take all vaccinations, for example, I looked at tinnitus, with all vaccinations there are cases of tinnitus with yellow fever vaccination, tuberculosis vaccination, HPV vaccination, etc... you think but that's strange because we also have tinnitus with COVID-19 vaccination. Could it not be due to something much more mechanical, physical namely this bolus theory?
Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude

Superb review on inadvertent intravenous administration of vaccines. This evidence & analysis demands a response from regulators around the world.
Dr. John Campbell

Marc has been banging out astonishing and fresh research with massive potential—unpaid and with great resolve and persistence.
Nick Hudson, Founder of Panda



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